The practice sets its foundation in alternative ways to achieve sustainable health. 

Via treatments, courses and journals, Rodinia Health empowers individuals to discover, diagnose, design and deliver healthy approaches in their lives.

Our trained practitioners are case managers, therapists, nutritionist and advisors to health. 


a refined form of acupressure and natural healing
in combination with kinesiology,

psychology and muscle testing.

coverage with supplementary insurance 

You will consciously find ways to help your mind and body bring you closer to living a healthy life.  


Stomach problems start simple but can disturb a day and change a life. 

Life-Work Balance

Sleep, depression, fear and fatigue are the first signs of emotional and functional problems with the body. Learn how to read the signals and make your body work for you. 

Image by Jeppe Hove Jensen
Image by Vitalii Pavlyshynets
Immune System

Healthy immune systems help us prevent illnesess, lower their impact or make them robust for harder ailments. Mind the organs. 


The right weight depends on lifestyle, predisposition and personal satisfaction. Mind the aim not the weight. 

Chronic Back Pains

Muscular pain is as discomforting as a pinched nerve. But we store more than nerves and muscles on our backs. We carry the burdens of the mind, body and soul. Mind the knots on the back at all levels. 


The head is central for all signs of pain- hormone, nervous, psychological systems and all right our body senses. Chronic headaches and migranes need to be addressed at all stages and ages. 

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Heike Wahl

“There is something special about the practise.

It not only helped me get rid of my pain but also improved my approach in life. ”