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Noel Matos

Natural Health Specialist

As the great grand son of a natural practitioner in Puerto Rico, I found my calling in 1995 when I advanced my studies in the sciences to include natural medicine, acupressure, kinesiology and astro-medicine. It was my mission to find more tools to understand that a healthy person is one of balanced body, mind and soul. My learnings combine the north american, asian and european natural practices in one. Hence, Rodinia Health came to life- combining the strength of the supercontinents. 


Rodinia Health provides patients with a holistic approach to health, by which kinesiology and acupressure help to identify the source of the ailments. We help patients understand what is happening to their bodies and translate those messages into clear empowering measures. Our patients are actively involved in the discovery of the cause, differentiate a diagnosis from symptoms and adopt sustainable treatments with a balanced approach.  

Therapist in Complementary Medicine, OdA KT

Bachelor Arts, MBA, eMBA, EMR- certified since 2003.

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