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offers the following programs:

Specialist training and further education

The trainings meet the requirements of the EMR regulations,

the ASCA, SPAK and the EGK-Terapeutenstelle.

The students develop a process-oriented technical methods and social skills based on motivation, mutual respect and openness. Performance expectations are competence-oriented and communicated transparently.

We want to train responsible therapists.

The students are supported through goal-oriented tasks and learning controls supervized by qualified lecturers and are thus prepared for their respective degrees.

The practice transfer is important to us.

All of our courses, which provide direct preparation for federal professional exams and higher professional exams, are already recognized by SBFI.

Akupressur Verband Schweiz
Support Group Meeting

The RODINIA HEALTH specialist team

  • Noël Matos

School management RODINIA HEALTH, training manager acupressure therapy, qualified acupressure therapist, AVS association, astro-medicine, health / ethics,



  • Elsa Zumbuehl

Founder of acupressure method of Elsi Zumbühl, naturopath, dipl. acupressure therapist, coach, dipl. naturopath, author, Nutritionist, and Chef ZCM


  • Ruedi Eggerschwiler

Certifiead acupressure therapist, dipl. psychologist, dipl. specialist psychologist


  • Santa Notaro

Dipl. acupressure therapist, reflex zones, class. Massage, lymphatic drainage


  • Andrea Blaser

Dipl. acupressure therapist, dipl. phytotherapist


  • dr Celine Fontana

Medical faculty of the University of Basel


  • dr Louis Aebischer

Medical faculty of the University of Basel


  • Karin Ruegg

Dipl. kinesiologist, dipl. Acupressure Therapist, Quality Assurance, Health/Ethics, Practice Management

Alumni program and internships


The aim and purpose of the RODINIA HEALTH Alumni Program and Internships is to create a network of naturopaths, foster a spirit of loyalty, strengthen bonds between the alumni, faculty, community and school, and continuously promote natural healing practices and the development of program members.

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