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It is of utmost importance to us to understand ailments and their symptoms in their entirety. Therefore, we do not only treat the symptoms, but rather search for the source of the problem indicated by them. 

In combination with the muscle test, acupressure makes it possible to remove multi-layered blockages -comparable to the image of the onion, which has layers that can be removed before one reaches its sprout.

These treatments help bring the entire metabolism, hormonal and nervous systems back into balance. It can strengthen an entire person to greater health. 

This method appeals to any age group -from toddlers to the elderly.

Since it is holistic, it can alleviate discomfort in many levels.


Our Methodology

Rodinia Health Akupressur

Acupressure therapy

activates the natural circulation of energy to the body, mind and soul. Pressure points release tension stored within the body.  

Rodinia Health Kinesiologie

By testing the responsiveness of the nervous system, kinesiology uncovers issues on the physical, psychological and emotional level.

Rodinia Health Reiki


Reiki uses energy and symbols in order to help the body restore and balance its natural energy levels.

Rodinia Health Bachblüten

Bach flower remedies work on a transcendental level, providing harmony, balance and well-being in order to bring mental disbalance into gentle harmony.

Rodinia Health Energetische Massage

The energetic massage combines different massage techniques, while comprehensively including energetic levels in the process including that of the client

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Schüssler salts act as stimuli, prompting the body to increase the absorption and transport of failing minerals.

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