introduces Bach Flower remedies and consultations

With its holistic approach, RODINIA HEALTH always strives to introduce new forms of natural treatments and methods into its practice.

Different emotional states and inner struggles can significantly influence the overall wellbeing of a person, as well as the development of physical conditions or inability of our bodies to fight off illnesses.

We are therefore very happy to introduce Bach flower remedies and consultations to our practice with the aim of providing our patients with additional treatment possibilities.

Bach remedies are a safe, natural and simple support for daily struggles, insecurities, fears and other emotions which may present serious obstacles on the path towards healthier and happier life. The remedies help people balance their emotions and work on their inner challenges, which can in turn help their bodies to fight off any current or future physical conditions.

Contact us and we will accompany you on your journey towards health and self-discovery.

*Consultations by Registered Bach Practitioner BFRP

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